Reference Articles referring to Vernon Coleman


`Volunteer for Kirkby'

The Guardian, 14.5.1965

(Article re VC's work in Kirkby, Liverpool as a Community Service Volunteer in 1964-5)


`Bumbledom forced me to leave the NHS'

Pulse, 28.11.1981

Vernon Coleman resigns as a GP after refusing to disclose confidential information on sick note forms.


`Medicine Becomes Computerised: Plug In Your Doctor.'

The Times, 29.3.1983

Sample quote: `When the children have finished playing the games on your Sinclair or Commodore Vic 20 computer, you can turn it to more practical purposes. For what is probably Britain's first home doctor programme for computers is now available. `Dr Vernon Coleman, one of the country's leading medical authors, has prepared the text for a remarkable set of six cassettes called The Home Doctor Series. Dr Coleman, author of the new book Bodypower, which is a new self-help approach to medicine, has turned his attention to computers.'


`Computer aided decision making in medicine'

British Medical Journal, 8.9.1984 and 27.10.1984

Editorial (and subsequent letter) discussing Vernon Coleman's computer software.


`Doctor with the Common Touch.'

Birmingham Post, 9.10.1984

Sample quote: `Dr Coleman has the golden gift of being able to sweeten the bitter pill of knowledge with a coating of humour, and of presenting revolutionary concepts in words everyone can understand.'


`Sacred Cows Beware: Vernon Coleman publishing again.'

The Scotsman, 6.12.1984

Sample quote: `Vernon Coleman's books combine straightforward advice with stern criticism of techniques, products or services which he believes to be a waste of time and money or which may cause actual harm.'


`I'm Addicted To The Star'

The Star, 10.3.1988

Sample quote: `Dr Coleman has consistently called for rethinking on the drugs known as benzodiazepines. Now the Government's Committee on Safety of Medicines has reacted to Dr Coleman's campaign. They have issued stringent guidelines for the prescribing of the drugs. Mrs Currie (Health Minister) told a Commons standing committee that the Government acted because of Dr Coleman's columns in The Star. She said `Dr Coleman's articles, to which I refer with approval, raised concern about these important matters and I sent them to the appropriate bodies.'


`Our Doctor Coleman Is Mustard'

The Sun, 29.6.1988

Sample quote: `Dr Coleman cuts like a scalpel through all the jargon to bring you fresh information on the medical matters that mean most to you...Dr Coleman's controversial views have often rocked the medical profession but that has never stopped him saying what he thinks.'


`The Sun's Medic reveals his all.'

GP, 12.7.1991

Sample quote: `He clearly believes what he writes and nobody `not the editor of The Sun or anyone else' tells him what stance to take. And once he gets his teeth into an issue he will campaign in partisan and highly effective style.'


`Reading the mind between the lines.'

BMA News Review, November 1991

Sample quote: `Not someone to mince his words.'


Doctors' Firsts

BMA News Review, 21.2.1996

Interview with VC.


`The big league of self publishing.'

Daily Telegraph, 17.8.1996

Sample quote: `Dr Coleman is one of a growing band of go-it-alone novelists who have taken the risk of publishing their own books. Dr Coleman's books are published in 22 languages and he was published for many years by mainstream publishers like Penguin, Reed and Harper Collins, before going it alone.'


`Doctoring the books'

Independent, 16.3.1999

Sample quote: `He says there are three things in life worth doing: trying to change the world, trying to have fun and trying to make money. If you can do all three things at the same time then that's fantastic.'


`Conscientious Objectors'

Financial Times magazine, 9.8.2003

Interview with VC after he resigned from The People.


`Sick Practices'

Ode Magazine, July/August 2003

Sample quote: `Dr Vernon Coleman has made it his life's work to teach us about our self-healing abilities. The erudite Englishman wrote over 90 books on the subject.'


`You have been warned, Mr Blair.'

Spectator, 6.3.2004 and 20.3.2004

Sample quote: `He doesn't have an agent, a publisher, a distributor or a heap of remaindered copies reminding him he never earned out his advance, because he does all these jobs himself. As a result our doctor is completely independent, and can afford to stick two fingers up not only at medicine and mainstream publishing but also at Bush, Blair, Lord Hutton, those who want to surrender British sovereignty to a European superstate, the pharmaceutical industry, animal experimenters, Dr Atkins, Uncle Tom Cobley and everyone who eats meat.'


`Food for thought with a real live Maverick.'

Western Daily Press, 5.9.2006

Sample quote: `Simply a very good and genial individual and it’s a great pity there aren't more like him.'


`The doctor will see you now'

Independent, 14.5.2008

Sample quote: `He's frank, fearless and prolific. He's outrageous, outspoken and iconoclastic. A Vernon Coleman book will change your life...and may even save your life.'


Note 1: Vernon Coleman gave evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Animals in Scientific Procedures (2001-2) on Tuesday 12.2.02

Note 2: Significant interviews with Vernon Coleman have appeared in Devon Life (`Vernon Coleman Scourge of the BMA.'), National Health Executive, (`An interview with Vernon Coleman'), The Therapist (`Vernon Coleman - the doctor's dilemma.' and The Flag (`Interview with Dr Vernon Coleman.'